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  • Grocery Shopping for a Paleo Diet
Kim and I really have a blast with this. Goofing off at the grocery store before most people are awake!

Breakfast, Lunch, and Snacks

These vary greatly between the two of us because we both have very different needs. Here is what a typical day will look like:


I am currently 20lbs over weight and have issues with my blood pressure. All of this is my fault because of how I reacted to stress.
Morning Supplements: D3-Xym and the probiotic Theralac and a glass of hydrogen rich water. (see links below). I am currently testing Protandim Life Vantage Tri-synergizer.

Breakfast: 20ml of Apple Cider Vinegar (I am not kidding)

Lunch: I skip lunch

Snacks: occasional paleo friendly beef sticks and various nuts.


Kim struggles to keep her blood sugar up during the day. Because of her body type, she has to eat more frequently.
Morning Supplements: D3-Xym and the probiotic TruBifido with a glass of hygrogen rich water  (see links below)

Breakfast: Kim's Favorite Blueberry Smoothie (thanks to the healthy fats in this smoothie, her blood sugar has done much better lately)

Lunch: Choose from: Left overs, egg muffins, or paleo friendly salami, raw veggies, and berries (organic is best)

Snacks: paleo friendly trailmix, minimum of nuts, and fruit
Here are the links........
Here are the most common links I use to direct people toward the services and products we use:

Hydrogen Water

Hydrogen is the most simple element on the periodic table. It can have a profound effect on inflammation, rejuvenation, and energy production and has over 750 studies to back it up.The most simple way to consume it is by drinking hydrogen rich water. Click here to see our line of Echo H2 machines.

Cooking Show

Wait. What? You have your own cooking show? Yep. Kim and Brady's Mostly Paleo Kitchen on Youtube gets you right in our kitchen, eating what we eat and seeing how we fix it! It's a blast!

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All of the supplements that I talk about can be purchased by clicking this link and following the instructions. (It is a bit tedious, but worth the process. These supplements are only sold through health professionals. You will need the password USE777)

5G and EMF Protection

The radiation coming from your device that you are reading this on right now is considered a human carcinogen. It is disturbing the balance between antioxidants and free radicals and over time, will make you sick. Click on the link below to find out how to protect yourself.

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